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Reit im Winkl - Ortschaft im Winter

Tours on the Grossglockner the Krimmler waterfalls to the Königsee and trips to various events such as Almabtriebe and hourse days  are like guests attended.

The Christmas with the Christmas maket and Christmas events has its charm.
To make your vacation in Reit im Winkl an unforgettable experience would be next to one of peace and comfort even the sights of the environment is not to be missed.
Cultural attractions can be found in Salzburg, Kufstein, Innsbruck, Munich Alianz arena and of course on Herrenchiemsee.
The young guests have a lot of fun in Fairyland Park Ruhpolding, Marquartstein or in the bobsleigh track Durchholzen.
Who wants higher and higher, we recommend a day trip to Berchtesgaden or Großglockner-level road. 


The winter of Reit im Winkl - Excursionsseduces to wonderful ske routes. Beside well cared for long distance running and toboggan - run possibilities for skating on ice and horse sleigh - ride are required. A skiing ground is near the hotel.

For its snow security our skiing area "Steiplatte-Winklmoos" is famous.

Our in a sunny, wind protected valley "Reit im Winkl - Excursions" is on 700 m height, that pictures village Reit im Winkl - Excursionsoffers beautiful moving ways, a heated outdoor swimming pool, an indoor swimming pool with Sauna/Solarium/Fitnesscenter, a swimming lake "Weitsee" nearby and many sport possibilities, like tennis, golf, mini golf etc..

Small distances seduce to trips,
for example: Chiemsee, Bad Reichenhall, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, Tiro and Munich Hofbräuhaus
Salzburg Castel Salzburg Casino Kitzbühl Skiarea Kirchberg Ski Area Ellmau Chiemsee Castel  Bavarian
Lake Tegernsee 

Every year for two weeks, Munich became the world capital of beer with the Oktoberfest, born in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (which in 1825 will rise to the throne with the name of Ludwig I) with Princess Therese von Sachsen - Hildburghausen and subsequently became the largest festival in the world.
More than 6 million people crowd the enormous booth located at Theresienwiese, a large outdoor area on the outskirts of Munich (about 1 km south-west of Central Station) which always hosts the Oktoberfest.

Each booth, who largest and smallest who belongs to the major breweries that for centuries have their headquarters in Munich of Bavarian.
How long?
From Saturday, September 20 to Sunday, October 5, 2008. Tradition has it that the day of the mayor of Munich at 12 o'clock open the first barrel of beer of the new year with the famous phrase "O'zapft is!" Schottenhamel stand in front of thousands of festanti Munich, tourists and cameras of television worldwide.

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Welcome to the resort & Spa-Spot Hotel Hambergers Posthotel in the bavarian alps near Kitzbühl and Berchtesgaden with the Eagle`s Nest

The Eagle's Nest was just below the Kehlstein summit on a mountain spur built
from the perspective of the former Reich Chancellery in the small hamlet Bischofswiesenertal Strassheim appears as the highest point. The Kehlstein is the main massif of Gölles 2522 m
upstream west summit east of Berchtesgaden. North and West of the Kehlstein is Oberzalzberg us under a mountain of salt.

From 1934, the NSDAP at the Obersalzberg a guide Sperrgebiet field. Until the end of the war it consisted of a seven square kilometer large area, stretching from the valley to Berchtesgaden Kehlstein summit was, where, under the direction of the Martin Bormann of Kehlsteinhaus architect Roderich Fick planned and built. It was teahouse (2. teahouse), D-House (House diplomats) or T-House (Haus D) called. It is debatable which of the three versions is correct. The Americans called it after the war eagle's nest.

Deployed before the war began mainly German, and later Czech and Italian specialists. The Eagle's Nest was made on behalf of Nazi Adolf Hitler to its 50th Birthday (1939) gift. Among other things, it was for the providing of official guests thought. Hitler himself was only about ten times (the numbers fluctuate five to three to ten times) to visit the Eagle's Nest, as he trips there too long and were risky. In particular, he criticized that the elevator shaft is not protected against lightning strikes is also a surprise attack by the Allied bombers would have been defenseless.

When air raid by British Lancaster bombers on the Obersalzberg on 25 April 1945 was the Eagle's Nest is one of the goals. However, it was due to the exposed position in the high mountains are not taken.

After the end of the Second World War was the leader Sperrgebiet on 4 May 1945 fight over the Americans, the military exclusion zone is declared. The Eagle's Nest was seized and on 1 April 1946 formally put under control (document number Y Co-1255-77). On 17 February 1949 was the Eagles Nest in the Free State of Bavaria over (transfer Certificate No. 1259 / V, Kontrollratsdirektive No. 50). Retroactive to the 20th June 1948, it was on 18 July 1949 of the Bavarian General Financ

As an El Dorado for sports activities of all sorts Kitzbuhel has always enjoyed an excellent reputation. The Tyrolean Alps also offer winter sports, the Gulf of one migrant
pleasant stay
sport and history

In the late Bronze Age (1100 - 800 BC) was the area around Kitzbühel populated by Illyrians, after copper ore schürften.
Around the year 15 BC, the Romans spread under Emperor Augustus, and over the Alps, and established the province Noricum. After disintegration of the Western Roman Empire, the area was around 800 of Bavarians, who cleared the forests.
In the 12th Century is the first mention of the name in a Chizbuhel Chiemseer certificate (there is a "Marquard of Chizbuhel" speech), with a Bavarian Chizzo clan called Bühel and the geographic location of the settlement on a hill. One hundred years later, testifies to a source of the bailiwick of the monastery in Bamberg "Kicemgespuchel"; in the city survey instrument from 1271 is the place "Chizzingenspuehel referred
Kitzbuhel, at the foot of the Hahnenkamm (1712 m) and the Kitzbüheler Horn (1996 m) is considered one of the most important ski resorts in Austria. Together with the ski slopes and lifts in nearby Kirchberg in Tyrol, Jochberg and Pass Thurn Kitzbühel is one of the largest ski resorts in Austria.
The holidays in Kitzbuhel are in local ski resort 148 kilometers of ski slopes are available, in addition to the long cross-country skiers 40 km.
In summer, there are 120 km with a mountain bike and 500 km with the hiking boots to explore.
Other attractions are the six tennis courts and four golf courses, the Kitzbüheler pool, only Austria and the Curling Hall Schwarzsee.
Special mention deserves the tourism in the high segment, as many celebrities and the jet set, inter alia, at the time of the Hahnenkamm race to come here.