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Hotel Hambergers-Posthotel | C. Hamberger | Kirchplatz 7 | 83242 Reit im Winkl
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Finsterbachalm Winkelmoos

Your Bavarian Wedding Location

Our wedding hut, wedding on an alpine pasture, celebrates on a hut

marry in impressive mountain scenery

Embedded into our natural mountain country shank our hut stands. The one highly above on the Winklmoos Alm with view of the Loferersteinberge, the other in a high valley with meadows on the different wild Orchideen.

Heirat - Bund fürs Leben
For the most beautiful day in the life
marry on an alpine pasture

Klausenbergalm Hochzeitsalm Reit im Winkl
Musik im Garten der Klausenbergalm
fliegende Herzen
feiern im Heustall
Sektempfang auf der Hochzeitsalm


We organize for you all desires in an unusual mountain scenery


Trauung im Freien auf der Hochzeitsalm

In an original environment we organize for you the most beautiful day in your life. We worry about music, meals and beverages according to your desires.
We arrange a complete program for you. Also for your birthday or for your operating celebration you can enjoy a special day or evening in this extraordinary surroundings.

We have barbecue at the campfire before the hut
a sucking pig at the spit

It is for you the most unusual day
of your common life


We arrange your wedding at one of our huts. You stay overnight in the wedding room in the tester - bed at our hotel