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Hotel Hambergers-Posthotel | C. Hamberger | Kirchplatz 7 | 83242 Reit im Winkl
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Our Bavarian hotel is your Bavarian hotel in Reit im Winkl in the Bavarian Alps - Excursions, it stands in the center surrounded by mountains, as the wild emperor, with view in the Kufsteinertal, the Chiemsee alps Berchtesgaden,Salzburg and in the background and the Chiemsee not far. Wedding celebration on the Alm are the highlight at our hotel. Our traditional "post hotel" in more central and nevertheless calm south situation with mountain view , guarantees to you restful days. Our skiing area Winkelmoosalm is pruduced for your winter and summer pleasure.

Gladly we became also you in our beautiful homeland Reit im Winkl - Excursionsand in our for 200 years, hospitable house in the family estate are called welcome. Or rather you can celebrate for example your wedding celebrations, management celebrations or birthday celebrations at our own "Klausenberg- Alm" or "Winklmoos- Alm".

Hotel Hambergers Posthotel Reit im Winkl

History of the house

Our house is led as restaurant for over 400 years. It is for over 200 years in the possession of the family Hamberger and is now called "Hambergers post hotel". In former times it was called "Obere Taferne" today for the native ones it also still remained "Der Oberwirt".
By the natural situation one assumes our house was one of the first estates in Reit im Winkl - Excursions. On the door frame of the entry door from marble is chiselled the date of  the year 1548, thereby one assumed that this house was again built in this year.
The building is documentary mentioned in the year 1300, for the first time, but these documents are discovered by Alfons Egger in 1860.
In 1927 the large hall was built and opened at the New Year's Eve 1927/1928. This burned down completely in 1970, but one year later it was already renewed and opened again.
Many considerable personalities such as Carl Lindberg held up flight exercises in preliminary year of war, and other personalities stayed in our tradition house.
Since the year 2002 the house is now led of Caspar Hamberger the new manager.
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Wellness and vacation in the Hambergers posthotel in Bavaria in the alps. Vacation and Wellness in our region Bavaria Chiemsee ride in the Winkl the alpine country. The vacation hotel: Hambergers post office hotel in Bavaria in the alps lies in the center of the pictorial Wellness and air health resort ride in the Winkl in the Chiemgau in sew the Chiemsees.
To the most important objects of interest of ride in the Winkl, for example the liquor museum ride in the Winkler Hausenhäusel, the ski museum and the church the pc. Pankratius are it only few going minutes. As a highlight a trip is to the Winkelmoosalm whether in the summer vacation or in the winter vacation. Admits are we by the singular mountain landscape and of snow security in the region Upper Bavaria and Germany. After an active walking or ski day they recover in our Wellnesshotel. We offer Wellness for you and him. Wellness hotel Hambergers p
osthotel arranges a comprehensive for you Wellness offer, Wellness Massagen, Beauty treatments, Wellness lump sums for your vacation in Bavaria in the alps. In the various premises restaurants of the posthotel can let you end then the evening with romantic candle light and a quantity according to your desires. True palate joys from our own confectionery and kitchen expect you, as well as Schmankerl of the Bavarian kitchen, light courts or international specialities. We have ourselves to use made the task only best products of our agriculture. Enjoy also our music evenings or meetings in and the Hambergers post  hotel. They see, the Wellnesshotel Hambergers posthotel have some to offer.Further information to the Wellnesshotel finds you into the following text within the ranges: Wellness, well-being feeling, vacation, Bavaria, Langlauf- winter vacation, marrying, außergewöhnlche seminars Bavarian Chiemgauer alps: Wellness with Kraft of the energy ride in the Winkler mountain air. The place ride in the Winkl, well-known as air health resort in the Chiemseealpen, offers to you with his unusual mountain panorama and the beautiful meadow landscape relaxation and recovery purely. The Winklmoos (1980m) and the wild emperor (2200m) can become with the Mountainbike or foot during a daily migration explored and erklommen.
The Winklmoos offers not only in the summer delightful and beautiful walking way but also in the winter. For a trip the inspection of the saltworks is recommendable in Bad Reichenhall with salt lug (therapy lug particularly for asthma and Bronchialerkrankung). Family vacation once differently: much particularly for families with children offers. Resting pole thing fairy tale park, property Aiderbichl with Salzburg Paradies for animals or one afternoon in Durchholzen with experiencing in park. You can experience an experiencing in migration of the special kind on the high salvo the witch water with a great many attractions. De Tag round a small Kutschfahrt by our beautiful village off. Departure is before the Wellnesshotel Hambergers post office hotel. Load minute of offers and Wellness lump sums for your vacation in Bavaria in the alps at the Chiemsee.

Wellness Hambergers posthotel, your hotel for well-being-feel and for your Wellness vacation in Bavaria All fans of the sauna are cordial in Wellnesshotel Hambergers post office hotel in the Chiemgauer alpine country welcomes. The Wellneshotel Hamberger post office hotel offers a Dampfbad and a Finnish sauna to all friends and sweating culture. The Wellneshotel Hambergers post office hotel in Bavaria and the alps offers to all guests its own active and Fitnessprogramm, because only in the healthy and fitten body a good spirit lives. Our team spoil it with different Wellnessmassagen and applications for the stressed body a peace and a relaxation to attain. Hotel room in the Wellnesshotel Hambergers post office hotel Reit in the Winkl. Hotel room to enjoy and probably-feel in your vacation in Bavaria and the alps. The Wellnesshotel Hambergers post office hotel offers rooms in two different room categories at Zimmerkat to you. A, Zimmerkat. B. All hotel room to comfortably and have cable TV, telephone, shower/or bath tub, WC, all rooms are with balcony partly even south balcony /oder terrace and all are brightly furnished Bavarian country house style with mountain view. All floors can be attained including the Wellness plants and Massage of ranges with the elevator. We continue to offer a Fitnessraum, a ski area, bicycle cellar, a children's game room, read room to you at any time in the Wellnesshotel for the order. Bathrobes are available against bail at the reception, the Saunatücher lie for you free of charge in the Wellnessbereich ready. The Hambergers post office hotel for your Wellnessurlaub.

Upper Bavaria in Action vital and asset in its vacation Bavaria in the alps. The situation of the hotel Hambergers post office hotel in Bavaria alps is suitable for your vacation summers such as winters for singular activity in the Bavarian delightful mountain landscape of the vacation region Chiemgauer alps. The national park Berchtesgaden to the Winklmoosalm borders can one rare domestic animal species such as Rotwild and nature plays discover and admire, also the Chiemsee is worth at each season a trip, as well as the Triaspark on the Steinplatte with its excavations and the high-altitude edge of bathing in the Kitzbühleralpen. A trip there one should not be able to be escaped. Summer vacation in the Wellnesshotel Hambergers post office hotel Bavaria in the alps hilly and sunny prospects in Bavaria in Their summer vacation in Bavaria enjoy the Chiemgauer alps and ride your resort and Unterkuft in the Winkl.
Summer vacation Reit in Winkl: in the summer know you the landscape all around ride in the Winkl and the hotel Hambergers post office hotel best on the numerous idyllischen ride in the Winkler walking ways with walking or north IC Walking to explore, either with the bicycle or Moutainbike can you the region Chiemsee alps discover or by the perfect natural landscapes to be bewitched be able. The intoxicating outlook on our mountain valley and the wild emperor load also to the gulf on that approximately only 1 km removed gulf place ride in the Winkl in and make each course in their individual beauty its own experience. To each season the Wellness of offers of the Wellnesshotels Hambergers post office hotel Bavaria alps stands for the guests for order. Active sport you know also in ride in the Winkler open-rir swimming pool with its 105m long water chute or the three nature bath lakes to exercise. You terminate their active day with a Massage in the well-being feeling oasis of the Wellnesshotels Hambergers post office hotel Bavaria alps. Winter vacation in the

Wellnesshotel Hambergers posthotel: Reit in Winkl the Hambergers posthotel spend you Their ski vacation in reit in Winkl Winkelmoos at the wider Kaiser, Wellness, winter, hotel Hambergers posthotel powder snow or the long run vacation on our panorama cross country in the Winter ski vacation Reit in the Winkl in the Kitzbühler alps: the Winkelmoos Steinplatte and ride in the Winkl loads as Langlauf - ski Worldcup venue with one the best ski and cross contry - runway offers of the vacation region of Bavarian alps and Kitzbühleralpen to the ski driving, long running, sledge or Snowboard bring in. In close convenient long run center ride yourself in the Winkl or the cross contry area resting pole thing know all ski fan of the cross contry on 140 km in the best way kept in track Loipen whether skaten or classically to be pleased. Our skiing area Winklmoos - Steinplatte is for ski and Snowboard for all age groups and all requirements of the ski drivers and Snowboarder ideals the skiing area in the Bavarian and Kitzbühler alps. Spend your winter vacation in ride in the Winkl when ski driving, Snowboard or long running in the snow-covered Bavarian alps, in and over Reit in the Winkl, or you make a snow shoe migration with the ski and lying run school Reit in  Winkl or drive you with our horse carriages by the white glittering fairy tale world of the snow-covered Bavarian alps and forests. Golf play in the Chiemgau Bavaria. Wellness - golf hotel ride in the Winkl Hambergers post office hotel: Gulf vacation in the


Wellnesshotel Hambergers posthotel, the gulf hotel in Bavaria alps at the Chiemsee. Wellneshotel Hambergers posthotel the gulf hotel in the Bavarian alps. Swing the gulf racquet on unsren golf courses in Bavaria ride in the Winkl or also borderspreading in the close Kitzbühl Austria. Enjoy thereby the convincing play from nature and gulf play with the sunset at the wild emperor. If you have still no exercise with the gulf iron and as a gulf beginner the gulf plant ride in the Winkl or liked to visit the Driving Ranch, have the possibility from the professional coach team of the gulf club ride yourselves in the Winkl inform to let. Either on a Driving Ranch of exercise balls to strike or on the Putting Green a few balls in-punch, in addition, those are already more experienced can with fastidious Golf place in the Chiemgauregion ride into the Winkl and Chiemgau into Bavaria the participation and at their expense to come. Vacation in the Chiemgauer alps, with the smell of nature Kraft of the Bavarian alps air. They experience ride in the angle and the region Chiemsee alps Salzburg Berch